Season's Greetings from PSAC North

COVID-19 will not stop us from celebrating! 

This holiday season will be celebrated a little different than those in the past. The Covid crisis has reared its ugly head and the restrictions we need to adhere to are unlike anything most of us have every experienced. But adherence for the good of all is an unfortunate necessity. So please, adhere to the recommended guidelines.
While we're celebrating let's remember the year we put behind us. We truly have much to be grateful for. I am especially grateful to those who tirelessly gave of their personal safety and time to ensure we all had the necessities to see us through this pandemic. 
Northerners are renowned for our hospitality. Let no pandemic stop us from celebrating what makes us unique and our communities strong. Let the festive lights brighten our spirits that we might extend compassion to all. I sincerely believe that, with kindness and genuine gratitude, we will emerge stronger from this or any crisis.
On behalf of PSAC North, I’d like to wish everyone a happy, safe and joyous holiday season. 
P.S.: Theresa, Yusur and I wanted to safely keep the holidays tradition with our socially distanced photo shoot! 
In Solidarity,

Jack Bourassa
PSAC North, Regional Executive Vice President  
Theresa Baird, Executive Assistant to the REVP; Jack Bourassa, PSAC North REVP; Yusur Al-Bahrani, Regional Political Communications Officer