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About Us

Read the Mission Statement from the National Board of Directors attached in French and English.

Also see our Organizational Chart attached.


Welcome! PSAC North is Canada’s largest union North of 60, representing more than 13,000 members in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. We span a landmass equal to all western provinces put together, plus Ontario. Our members live in larger urban centers as well as small, isolated communities without road access. Our headquarters is in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, with regional offices in Whitehorse and Iqaluit.

Our members work for a variety of employers, including federal, territorial and municipal governments, non-profit organizations and the private sector. We support members to achieve better pay, safe working conditions, employment security, fair treatment and respect in the workplace.

Most northern members belong to the one of three northern components of the PSAC: the Nunavut Employees Union, the Yukon Employees Union or the Union of Northern Workers. These three organizations are unique within the PSAC family because they are regionally based. Many other northern members, notably those who work for the federal government, belong to PSAC components that are based outside the North, most often in Ottawa.


Giving members a voice in their workplace and in their community:

Contract negotiations: Support to members in bargaining to negotiate the very best terms and conditions of work for themselves.

Organizing: The PSAC North full-time organizers work to bring more northern workers into the union family. On average, unionized workers enjoy better wages, benefits and pensions than unorganized workers. 

Union education: Members have access to introductory and advanced courses, as well as training. See the education section of this website to view the 2012 Union Education schedule.

Health and safety: Staff work with Local Health and Safety Committees, lobby for better health and safety laws and negotiate health and safety clauses.

Grievances and arbitration: Experienced staff represent members in the arbitration process when grievances are referred to an independent third party for resolution. Members receive training in how to represent their co-workers using a grievance procedure to resolve complaints.

Classification and equal pay: Specialized staff help members make sure their classification systems are free of bias and that members are properly classified and paid for the work they do.

Communications: We keep members informed about the union's activities through the PSAC North web site, Facebook and Twitter, a monthly newsletter, quarterly magazines, videos, podcasts, bulletins, photos, news scans and by whatever other means work. We also promote the union's goals and activities in the media.

Political action: Because governments create policies and pass laws that have a direct impact on workers' lives, our members make their concerns known and work together to influence politicians through the PSAC's political action committees. Members also work with progressive groups, coalitions and allies to promote alternative policies that benefit workers, their families and communities.

Equity: The PSAC has been a leader in the fight to promote equal opportunities and abolish discrimination. Staff act as a resource in the fight to combat discrimination and protect human rights. PSAC North has six equity committees: Aboriginal, GLBT, Youth, Women, Racially Visible and Accessibility (Persons with Disabilities).

Strike fund: While 95% of all negotiations are concluded without a strike, our national union is ready if the need arises. A portion of every member's dues is invested in the PSAC's strike fund. When any Local goes on strike, it has access to the fund.

PSAC National: Our members protect Canadians and provide crucial services

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is one of Canada's largest national unions, with members in every province and territory. Our members also work abroad in embassies and consulates.

We not only protect Canadians but also provide crucial services that are vital to every person’s quality of life and prospects for the future.

We forecast the weather, operate airports and inspect meat plants. We are the working people responsible for search and rescue, environmental protection, preservation of parks and historic sites, assistance to veterans, support for our troops, border security, transportation safety and much, much more. Canadians depend on us for our expertise.

For more information about our Union, visit our PSAC National website at www.psac-afpc.com